Trainee Spotlight: Adam Wilson

Introducing our Trainee Spotlight for Summer 2018, Adam Wilson!

Student: Adam Wilson

Mentors: Dr. Barbara McCrady & Dr. Katie Witkiewitz

The University of New Mexico/CASAA

Trainee Spotlight

Adam Wilson is currently a doctoral student in clinical psychology at the University of New Mexico. His mentors are Dr. Barbara McCrady & Dr. Katie Witkiewitz. His research at UNM has developed, broadly, along four intersecting lines of inquiry: 1) substance use trajectories and the clinical course of substance use disorders; 2) the biopsychosocial conceptualization and assessment of SUD recovery; 3) advanced quantitative methodology; and 4) clinical trials and treatment research. Adam’s current research interests include machine learning approaches to modeling human behavior, implementation of mindfulness-based interventions, and exercise-induced changes to levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor among those recovering from addictive behaviors.

Selected Publications

Wilson, A. D., Montes, K.S., Bravo, A. J., Conner, B. T., Pearson, M. R. and Marijuana Outcomes Study Team. (in press). Making decisions with trees: Examining marijuana outcomes among college students using recursive partitioning. Clinical Psychological Science.

Wilson, A. D., Roos, C. R., Robinson, C. S., Stein, E. R., Manuel, J. A., Enkema, M. C., … & Witkiewitz, K. (2017). Mindfulness-based interventions for addictive behaviors: Implementation issues on the road ahead. Psychology of addictive behaviors, 31(8), 888.

Wilson, A. D., Bravo, A. J., Pearson, M. R., & Witkiewitz, K. (2016). Finding success in failure: using latent profile analysis to examine heterogeneity in psychosocial functioning among heavy drinkers following treatment. Addiction, 111(12), 2145-2154

Hallgren, K. A., Wilson, A. D., & Witkiewitz, K. (2018). Advancing analytic approaches to address key questions in mechanisms of behavior change research. Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs, 79(2), 182-189.

McCrady, B. S., Wilson, A. D., Muñoz, R. E., Fink, B. C., Fokas, K., & Borders, A. (2016). Alcohol‐Focused Behavioral Couple Therapy. Family process, 55(3), 443-459.

If you would like to nominate a trainee (i.e., undergraduate/graduate student, or post-doc) for the SIG-AB Trainee Spotlight, please email Elly Leavens at We look forward to featuring more of our student and trainee members throughout the year!

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