Trainee Spotlight: Mandy Owens

Introducing our Trainee Spotlight for March 2017, Mandy Owens!

Student: Mandy Owens

Mentor: Dr. Emily C. Williams

VA Puget Sound Health Care System

trainee mandy owens

In 2016, I received my PhD from the University of New Mexico where I was mentored by Dr. Barbara McCrady. Currently, I am a Health Services Research & Development postdoctoral fellow at the Seattle VA and am examining the overlap between substance use care and justice involvement among Veterans. My research always has been informed by my clinical work and focuses on treatments for individuals with substance use disorders involved with the criminal justice system. For my NIAAA-funded dissertation I conducted a randomized clinical trial of a brief motivational intervention for incarcerated drinkers that targeted their substance use and social networks after release from jail. Looking forward, the goals of my research are to better understand the nuanced experiences that individuals with substance use disorders face when they are involved with the criminal justice system, and to use this information to develop and improve treatment efforts for this high-risk population.

Representative publications:

Owens, M. D., & McCrady, B. S. (2014). The role of the social environment in alcohol or drug use of probationers recently released from jail. Addictive Disorders and Their Treatment, 13(4), 179-189.

Owens, M. D., & McCrady, B. S. (2016). A pilot study of a brief motivational intervention for incarcerated drinkers. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 68, 1-10.

Owens, M. D., McCrady, B.S., Borders, A. Z., Brovko, J. M., & Pearson, M. (2014). Psychometric properties of the System for Coding Couples’ Interactions in Therapy – Alcohol. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 28(4), 1077-1088.

Owens, M. D., & Zywiak, W. H. (2016). Replication of psychometric properties and predictive validity of the Important People Drugs and Alcohol Interview. International Journal on Alcohol and Drug Research5, 57-64.

Westerberg, V., McCrady, B. S., Owens, M. D., & Guerin, P. (2016). Community-based methadone maintenance in a large detention center is associated with decreases in inmate recidivism. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 70, 1-6.

Congratulations, Mandy!

If you would like to nominate a trainee (i.e., undergraduate/graduate student or post-doc) for the SIG-AB Trainee Spotlight, please email Elly Leavens at We look forward to featuring more of our student and trainee members throughout the year!

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