Student of the Month (October 2016): Stephanie Takamatsu

Introducing our Student of the Month for October 2016, Stephanie Takamatsu!

Student: Stephanie Takamatsu

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Martens

University of Missouri-Columbia

stephanie takamatsu

I received my M.A. in counseling psychology and am currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Missouri, Columbia. My clinical work has focused on assessment and the use of evidence-based treatments with diverse clinical populations that have ranged from college students, families, and children diagnosed with developmental disorders. Under the guidance of my advisor, Dr. Matthew Martens, I have developed a research line that broadly examines ways of improving and streamlining addiction treatment. Recently, my work in gambling focuses on (a) discovering key components of effective gambling treatments, (b) updating and developing gambling measures to catch up with the growing popularity of the activity, and (c) understanding how individual preference for different types of gambling games impact gambling outcomes and other risk and protective factors.

Takamatsu, S. K., McAfee, N. W., & Martens, M. P. (2016, September). Development of a Gambling Preference Scale. Poster presented at National Center for Responsible Gaming, Las Vegas, NV.

Takamatsu, S. K., Martens, M. P., & Arterberry, B. J. (2015). Depressive symptoms and gambling behavior: Mediating role of coping motivation and gambling refusal self-efficacy. Journal of Gambling Studies, 1-12.

 Arterberry, B. J., Martens, M. P., & Takamatsu, S. K. (2015). Development and validation of the Gambling Problems Scale. Journal of Gambling Issues30, 124-139.

Martens, M. P., Arterberry, B. J., Takamatsu, S. K., Masters, J., & Dude, K. (2015). The efficacy of a personalized feedback-only intervention for at-risk college gamblers. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology83, 494-499.

Iwamoto, D. K., Takamatsu, S., & Castellanos, J. (2012). Binge drinking and alcohol-related problems among U.S-born Asian Americans. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology18, 219-227.

Congratulations, Stephanie!

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