Student of the Month (August 2016): Sam Peter

Introducing our Student of the Month for August 2016, Sam Peter!

Student: Sam Peter

Mentor: Drs. James P. Whelan & Andrew W. Meyers

The University of Memphis

sam peeter

Sam recently completed his first year in the University of Memphis’ Clinical Psychology graduate program where he studies under the supervision of Drs. Jim Whelan and Andrew Meyers. His research interests lie in the study of problematic gambling behavior and its disproportionate effect on economically disadvantaged populations. He currently works as a member of the Institute for Gambling Education and Research, which serves as both an active clinic and research laboratory. In his first year Sam’s research largely focused on understanding differential clinical presentations of gambling disorder dependent on the presence of comorbid conditions, specifically focusing on adult ADHD. He hopes to continue to foster both his clinical and research interests throughout his career.

Representative Presentations and Publications

Peter, S. C., Whelan, J. P., Ginley, M. K., Pfund, R. A., Wilson, K. K., & Meyers, A. W. (2016). Disordered gamblers with and without ADHD: The role of coping in elevated psychological distress. Submitted for publication.

Peter, S. C., Pfund, R. A., Ginley, M. K., Whelan, J. P., & Meyers, A. W. (2016, June). Co-occurring psychopathology among disordered gamblers: Implications for treatment components. Presentation given at the International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking, Las Vegas, NV.

Pfund, R. A., Ginley, M. K., Peter, S. C., Whelan, J. P., & Meyers, A. W. (2016, June). Gambling warning messages: The impact of winning and losing on message reception across a gambling episode. Presentation given at International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking, Las Vegas, NV.

Pfund, R. A., Wynn, B. S., Peter, S. C., Mata, J., Whelan, J. P., & Meyers, A. W. (2016, August). Identifying premature termination among disordered gamblers: A comparison of traditional methods to a multimethod approach. Poster to be presented at APA Annual Convention, Denver, CO.

Congratulations, Sam!

If you would like to nominate a SIG-AB Student of the Month, please email a brief letter of recommendation to Elly Leavens at We look forward recognizing more of our student members throughout the year!

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